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Serewyn The Forest Guardian

  • Sins of a Dark Age

  • Ranged Enchanter Disabler Mage Support
  • Nature
  • Area Root Slow Zone Self-Healing Tether Crowd Control Zone Static Zone Damage Tribute Mana-Heal Ability Zone/Deployable Activation Healing Kill Empowerment Slow Root

  • Abilities

    Seeds of Renewal

    Enemies who die around Serewyn may spawn a seed pod from their corpse. Collecting these pods restores a small amount of Health and Mana to Serewyn and nearby allied heroes.

    Leaf Burst

    A burst of razor-sharp leaves strikes the target for Magic Damage. If the target dies from the attack, a Seed of Renewal is guaranteed to spawn from their corpse.

    Grasping Roots

    Serewyn summons a hedge of thorny plants in the targeted area, dealing Magic Damage over time and reducing the Movement Speed of affected enemy units. As a secondary action he may root enemies within the undergrowth for a short duration. Seeds of Renewal within the undergrowth are automatically harvested.

    Thorn Barrage

    Serewyn fires a volley of thorns in the target direction, dealing Magic Damage to all enemies in it's path.

    Nourishing Vine

    A creeping vine strikes the target enemy hero, dealing Magic Damage equal to a percentage of their maximum Health, healing Serewyn for the same amount and slowing the target's Movement Speed. These effects contine for a moderate duration or until the target breaks the tether by moving away from Serewyn.



    Serewyn is guardian of the Sunken Forest. As ancient as the trees at the heart of his kingdom and as wild as the creatures who lurk in its depths, he wields the power of nature against those who would tame it.

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