Rachna The Cavern Queen

Rachna is a ravenous creature from the subterranean depths. Her claws implant her foes with a hideous burden, cavernlings that burrow deep into flesh and skitter out of shadow to do their mother's bidding.

Prolific Horror

Passive: Rachna periodically spawns a Cavernling beside her, up to her maximum spawn count. Additionally, when nearby enemy minions and heroes die there is a chance a Cavernling will spawn from their corpse.

Unwilling Host

Rachna injects a Cavernling larva into her target, dealing Magic Damage over time to heroes equal to their maximum Health, or flat damage to minions. A Cavernling is spawned after a short delay. If Rachna can sacrifice a Cavernling to use this ability, she deals extra damage and grants vision of the target (they cannot enter Stealth).

Scuttling Nightmare

Rachna sends a Cavernling in the target direction. If it collides with an enemy it explodes, dealing Magic Damage in a radius. Affected enemies have reduced Movement and Attack Speed for a short duration.

Larval Feast

Rachna consumes target Cavernling to recover Health, granting half the amount to nearby allies. Spawning new Cavernlings partially refreshes the ability's cooldown.

Terror from Below

Rachna dives into the ground with all of her Cavernlings and bursts out at the targeted area, dealing Magic Damage and knocking up all enemies within range.

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