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Kallari Corruption & Intellect

  • Paragon

  • Melee Assassin Evasive Roamer
  • Melee Dual Wielder Small Blade
  • Stealthed Dash/Leap Global Targeted Damage Perma-Stealth Suprise! Teleport Bonus Damage Scouting Targeted DOT On-Hit Cleave/Splash Speed Boost

  • Abilities

    Shadow Walk

    Kallari enters the Shadow Plane becoming invisible and is given a movespeed bonus. Breaking stealth with a basic attack will apply bonus damage on that attack. Cooldown will run concurrently, so it's possible to be consistently stealthed.

    Automatically enter the shadow plane when you drop below 35% health.

    Blood Dagger

    Kallari throws a dagger at her target dealing damage and applying a bleed that does damage over time.

    Shadow Dance

    Passive: Bonus health regen in the shadow plane

    Allows Kalari to jump 2 additional times after jumping.

    Death Sentence

    Kallari gains vision of all enemies on the map. She can select an enemy and warp to them, dealing damage. 

    When she targets an enemy they are slowed until she finishs channeling.


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