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Rehgar Shaman of the Earthen Ring

  • Heroes of the Storm

  • Melee Enchanter Protector Support Warrior
  • Hand Blade Tribal Warrior Wolf Melee Dual Wielder
  • Area Attack Speed Buff Area Speed Boost Bounce Healing Slow Zone Cloak of Pain Dash/Leap Form Change Shielding Deployables Crowd Control Zone Attack Speed Buff Healing Speed Boost Ambulance Bonus Damage Bounce Cleanse Cooldown Reduction Enhanced Attack Move Lane Support Lifesteal Buff On-Hit Sustain Scouting Slow Unstoppable

  • Abilities

    Ghost Wolf

    Instead of using a mount, you transform into a Ghost Wolf with 30% increased Movement Speed. Basic Attacks in Ghost Wolf cause you to lunge at your target and deal 75% bonus damage. Dealing damage, using Abilities, and channeling cancels Ghost Wolf form.

    Chain Heal

    Heal an ally for 816 (387 + 4% per level) Health, then heal up to two other nearby allies for 408 (194 + 4% per level) Health each.

    Lightning Shield

    Imbue an ally with lightning dealing 158 (75 + 4% per level) damage a second to nearby enemies. Last 5 seconds.

    Earthbind Totem

    Create a totem that slows nearby enemies by 35%. The totem has 476 (226 + 4% per level) Health and lasts for 8 seconds.


    Grant nearby allied Heroes 40% Attack Speed and 30% Movement Speed. Lasts for 10 seconds.

    Ancestral Healing

    After 1 second, heal an allied Hero for 3401 (1615 + 4% per level) Health.



    [FEAT] Healing Totem - Activate to place a Totem that heals allies in an area for 1.95% of their max Health every second for 10 seconds.
    [FEAT] Farsight - Activate to reveal an area for 10 seconds. Enemies in the area are revealed for 4 seconds.
    [FEAT] Cleanse - Activate to make target ally Unstoppable for 1 second. Cannot be cast on yourself.
    [FEAT] Farseer's Blessing - Increases healing amount by 50%. Allies near the target are healed for 25% of the amount of health regained.
    [FEAT] Rewind - Activate to reset the cooldowns of your Basic Abilities.
    [FEAT] Storm Shield - Activate to give all nearby allied Heroes a Shield for 20% of their max Health for 3 seconds.

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