Nazeebo Heretic Witch Doctor

All Witch Doctors hail from the Umbaru tribes. Secluded deep in the jungles of Kehjistan, the Umbaru people are unlike any other in the lands of Sanctuary. They have very deeply rooted spiritual beliefs and teach that this life is nothing but a shadow of what really awaits us on the other side.

[FEAT] Thing of the Deep - Increases the range of your Basic Abilities by 20%.
[FEAT] Superstition - You take 50% less damage from Abilities, but 30% more damage from Basic Attacks.
[FEAT] Ice Block - Cooldown: 60 seconds Activate to place yourself in Stasis and gain Invulnerability for 3 seconds.
[FEAT] Soul Harvest - Cooldown: 15 seconds Activate to increase your Health and Ability Power by 3% for each nearby enemy, up to a maximum of 15%. Lasts 15 seconds.
[FEAT] Fury of the Storm - Every 5 seconds, your next basic attack will deal an additional 91 damage to the target, and 228 damage to all nearby Minions and Mercenaries.

Voodoo Ritual
Your Basic Attacks and Abilities poison Non-Heroic enemies, causing them to take 145 (69 + 0% per level) additional damage over 6 seconds. If a Minion dies while poisoned by Voodoo Ritual, you permanently gain 4 Health and 1 Mana. Bonus Health: 4. Bonus Mana: 1.
Corpse Spiders

Hurl a jar of spiders that deals 110 (52 + 4% per level) damage. If it hits at least one enemy, create 3 Corpse Spiders that attack for 77 (37 + 4% per level) damage. Spiders last for 4 seconds.

Zombie Wall

After 1 second, create a ring of Zombies surrounding the target area that deal 62 (30 + 4% per level) damage and last for 3 seconds.

Plague of Toads
Create 5 Toads that deal 277 (132 + 4% per level) damage.
Gargantuan Stomp
Order your Gargantuan to stomp, dealing 331 (158 + 4% per level) damage to nearby enemies.

Summon a Gargantuan that guards you for 20 seconds. Deals 331 (158 + 4% per level) damage to nearby enemies when summoned, attacks for 428 (203 + 4% per level) damage, and can be ordered to stomp.

Ravenous Spirit

Channel a Ravenous Spirit that deals 412 (196 + 4% per level) damage per second. Cannot move while channeling. Lasts for 8 seconds.

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