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Osiris Broken God of the Afterlife

  • Smite

  • Melee Warrior Assassin Initiator
  • Mummy Whip Melee Dual Wielder
  • Area Anti-Healing Damage Reduction On-Cast Damage Reduction Anti-Healing Area Stun Dash/Leap Multi-Cast Passive On-Cast Stat Gain Tether Tether Empowerment Ethereal Speed Boost Stun Cast Empowerment Enfeeble Ghosted Ability Combo Enhanced Attack Move Landing Damage Root Slow Weaken

  • Abilities


    Each time Osiris uses an ability he burns away a fragment of his body, gaining physical damage mitigation for each missing fragment. After losing 8 fragments, he becomes his spirit form. He may walk through enemies and enemy blockers, and his Basic Attacks do not incur a movement penalty. This effect lasts for 6 successful Basic Attacks.

    Sickle Strike

    Osiris throws his Sickle forward. It stops at the first enemy hit, dealing damage and Slowing them. The Sickle remains for the duration of the Slow.

    Spirit Flail

    Osiris imbues his flail with spiritual energy, striking at the target ground location. Enemies hit take damage, and Osiris gains movement speed. If an enemy is under the effect of Sickle Strike, the target's Slow is increased in power and duration.

    Judgement Tether

    Osiris flings out mummy wraps, tethering himself to all nearby enemy gods. Targets hit deal reduced damage over the next 4s. The tether can be broken by targets moving far enough away from Osiris. Targets still in range when the duration expires are Stunned.

    Lord of the Afterlife

    Osiris sheds any remaining fragments, gaining the benefit of his Passive, and leaps forward. Osiris targets all enemy gods in the landing area, and rips a fragment of their spirits out, dealing damage and preventing them from healing. Targets are Rooted for 0.4s during the attack. Enemy minions in the target area also take damage.


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