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Hel Goddess of the Underworld

  • Smite

  • Ranged Mage Support Enchanter
  • Darkness & Shadows Light Witch Yin/Yang
  • Area Cleanse Area Healing Area Speed Boost Cleanse Damage/Healing Stance Stance Change Form Change Damage Boost Healing Lane Support Mana-Heal Self-Healing Slow Speed Boost Tenacity Unstoppable Weaken

  • Abilities

    Stance Attunement

    When Hel is in a stance, she gradually attunes to the strengths of that stance, gaining up to 20% damage in the Dark Stance and 20% healing in the Light Stance.

    Decay (Restoration)

    DECAY (Dark Stance) - Hel fires a projectile that explodes on contact, doing damage to all enemies in a 15 unit radius. RESTORATION (Light Stance) - Hel fires a projectile that does damage to a single target and heals Hel on a successful hit.

    Hinder (Cleanse)

    HINDER (Dark Stance) - Hel debuffs all enemies at her ground target, reducing their Magical Protection and slowing them for a short time. CLEANSE (Light Stance) - Hel buffs all allies at her ground target, removing all Crowd Control abilities instantly and protecting them from future ones for a short time.

    Repulse (Inspire)

    REPULSE (Dark Stance) - Hel conjures a burst of dark energy, damaging all nearby enemies. INSPIRE (Light Stance) - A burst of white matter soothes all nearby allies pain, healing them and granting increased movement speed.

    Switch Stances (Light)

    Dark Stance - Hel's abilities cause damage and she gains magical power. Light Stance - Hel's abilities heal and support her allies and she gains MP5. Half of the benefits gained from the stance are also shared with allied gods within 30 units.


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