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Hades King of the Underworld

  • Smite

  • Ranged Disabler Initiator Mage Tank
  • Magic Staff Death
  • Area Fear Mark Detonate Crowd Control Whirlpool Crowd Control Zone Channeled Negative Zone Dash/Leap Static Zone Damage Area Healing Damage Amplification Zone Landing Damage Mark Detonate Damage Reduction Fear Healing Pull Silence Slow Tenacity Weaken

  • Abilities


    Hades' normal staff attacks apply a Debuff to the enemy, called Blight. This Debuff stays on the target and can be refreshed. If an enemy is afflicted by Blight, each of Hades' other powers have an additional effect.

    Death From Below

    Hades descends into the ground and erupts from below at his ground location, doing damage to all enemies in the area. If the enemy is Blighted, they are also Slowed. Applies Blight.

    Shroud of Darkness

    Hades Silences all enemies in a cone in front of him. If the enemy is Blighted, they are also Feared. Applies Blight.

    Devour Souls

    Hades devours the souls of his enemies, dealing damage in a radius around him. If the enemy is Blighted, the enemy explodes dealing damage to nearby enemies and healing your allies. Enemy gods only take 50% of the damage from detonating Blights. Consumes Blight.

    Pillar of Agony

    Hades calls to all enemy souls nearby, pulling them closer to him over time, doing damage every .5s for 4s. If the enemy is Blighted, their Protections are reduced. Hades also gains Protections for the duration.


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