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Geb God of Earth

  • Smite

  • Melee Durable Disabler Protector Tank Initiator Support
  • Stone Giant Earth Elemental
  • Area Stun Knockup Wave Large Area Hard CC Shielding Unstoppable Charge Cleanse Crit Negate Knockback Knockup Lane Support Slow Stun Tenacity

  • Abilities

    Hard as Rock

    Crits only do +25% damage to Geb, rather than the normal +100%.

    Roll Out

    Geb turns into a mass of rolling earth, damaging and Slowing enemies he encounters, stopping at the first god he hits. He increases speed as he travels and his damage increases from 75% to 100% over 3s. Once at his top speed, Geb becomes CC immune, and will also Knockback enemy gods.

    Shock Wave

    Geb creates a shock wave, which ripples out from him in a cone, causing damage and Knockup to all enemies. The damage decreases the further the enemy is from Geb, down to 50% at the maximum range.

    Stone Shield

    Geb targets himself or an ally to put a Shield around. The Shield blocks all damage and lasts until its time expires or it takes enough damage to be destroyed. The Shield also cleanses any CC when applied.


    Geb pulls apart the earth, dealing Magical damage to all enemy gods based on a percent of their current Health, and Stunning them.


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