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Fafnir The Lord of Glittering Gold

  • Smite

  • Melee Support Tank Warrior
  • Dragon Hammer/Mace/Flail Shield
  • Area Attack Speed Buff Boosted Form Targeted Attack Speed Buff Dash/Leap Form Change On-Hit Spread Slow Aura Slow Zone Gold Gain Attack Speed Buff Targeted DOT Weaken Bonus Damage Crowd Control Zone Damage Reduction Disarm Kill Empowerment Landing Damage Negative Aura On-Hit Cleave/Splash Self-Healing Slow Stun Untargetable

  • Abilities

    Endless Greed

    Fafnir gains 2 bonus gold from all enemy kills and assists, including minions. Fafnir also gains bonus Protections based on the amount of gold he is currently holding. The bonuses gained from this ability are capped at 1000 gold in hand.

    Cursed Strength

    Fafnir hurls his hammer forward, dealing damage to enemies in its path. If Fafnir hits a god the hammer stops short and Stuns them for 1.5s. The Stunned god also radiates out a cursed pulse, Slowing them and nearby enemies for 3s. In dragon form, this ability deals increased damage that ticks 3 times over 3s. Also, the cursed pulse shreds Protections in addition to Slowing.


    Fafnir coerces his allies into fighting harder, boosting Attack Speed for 5s and healing himself. While Coerce is active Fafnir deals bonus Magic Damage whenever the affected ally damages an enemy. In dragon form, this ability has a larger area of effect and can buff multiple allies.

    Underhanded Tactics

    Fafnir leaps to a target location and executes a despicable strike, dealing damage and disarming enemies in front of him for 2s. In dragon form, Fafnir can leap much further. Also, this ability deals increased damage that ticks three times over 3s and Fafnir Stuns the enemy god closest to him for 2s in addition to Disarming.

    Draconic Corruption

    Fafnir transforms into a terrifying dragon and is untargetable during the process. When he emerges in dragon form, nearby enemies are poisoned, taking damage three times over 3s. He remains in this form for a duration or until the ability is activated again. As a dragon, his abilities have additional effects and his basic attack changes to a Dragon Breath that deals damage 3 times per second. Dragon Breath can not proc item hit effects.


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