Bellona Goddess of War
  • Smite
  • Last Modified: 7/4/2018 6:01:17 PM

  • Complexity: 4.8

  • Uniqueness: 99%

Master of War
Upon giving or receiving hits from Basic Attacks, Bellona gains Protections and movement speed for 4s. (max. 5 stacks).
Shield Bash
Bellona dashes forward and bashes with her shield, dealing damage and Slowing enemies. Bellona gains 1 Stack of block for each enemy god hit. Block absorbs all damage from a single Basic Attack and reflects a portion of the damage around her. Bellona then makes Basic Attacks with sword and shield until out of combat, and every 3 successful basic attacks she gains another Stack of block (max. 3).
Bellona summons a hammer and spins, hitting every enemy around her and then smashing forward in an overhand attack. Each enemy god hit in the spin increases the damage of the overhand attack. Bellona now makes Basic Attacks with her hammer until out of combat. Every hammer attack hits all enemies in melee range.
Bellona summons a scourge, dealing damage to all enemies in a line. Enemies hit are Disarmed, and cannot make Basic Attacks. Bellona now makes Basic Attacks with a scourge until out of combat, which has extended range (+4) and every third attack heals Bellona.
Eagle's Rally
Bellona plants a Roman flag, granting Protections and increased Physical Power to allied gods. Enemies directly under where the flag is placed take damage and are Stunned for 1s.
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