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Awilix Goddess of the Moon

  • Smite

  • Melee Assassin Evasive Warrior
  • Beastrider Polearm The Moon Tribal Warrior
  • Airborne Pull Mounting Boosted Form Boosted Form Attack Speed Buff Initiative Strafe Dash/Leap Form Change Personal Attack Speed Buff Pull Attack Speed Buff Damage Boost Crowd Control Reaction Directional Offense Knockup Landing Damage Root Tenacity

  • Abilities


    If Awilix strikes first from out of combat, she increases her Physical Power for a short duration.

    Summon Suku

    Awilix mounts her Panther Suku, gaining movement speed but decreasing strafe speed. Awilix may leap off of Suku to deal damage to all enemies in the target area. Canceling this ability before leaping will not trigger its Cooldown.

    Feather Step

    Awilix flips over the last enemy she hit within 1.5s, Rooting, Crippling, and dealing damage as she passes over them. The damage dealt is modified based on the next attack in Awilix's Basic Attack progression. If the next attack is her third attack, then she also hits all targets in the area around her.

    Moonlight Charge

    Suku comes to Awilix's aid, rushing forward and damaging all enemies. If hit from the side or behind, enemies are also knocked up into the air.

    Gravity Surge

    Awilix calls upon the power of the moon, immediately pulling to her the closest enemy god she is facing that is either leaping or knocked up into the air. The target god takes damage when they land. Awilix is then bathed in moonlight, gaining bonus Attack Speed and Physical Power, along with protection against Roots, Slows, and Knockbacks for 6s.


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