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Amaterasu The Shining Light

  • Smite

  • Melee Durable Evasive Initiator Warrior
  • Samurai Light Medium Blade The Sun
  • Cycle Auras Positive Aura Weaken Damage Boost Aura Damage Dash Dash Charge Enemy Centered Negative Aura Multi-Hit Passive Multi-Stage Strike Negative Aura Speed Aura Allied Damage Boost Area Slow Damage Amplification Zone Dash/Leap Charged Cast Damage Boost Damage Reduction Multi-Stage Cast Self-Healing Silence Slow Speed Boost Stun

  • Abilities

    Illuminating Strike

    Amaterasu illuminates enemies she hits with basic attacks. After 3 hits on the same target the enemy gains an aura, exposing their weaknesses and causing them to take more damage from all sources. Any other enemies that come near the afflicted target are weakened as well.

    Divine Presence

    Amaterasu harnesses the power of her jewel, healing herself every second for 4 seconds and creating a persistent aura that buffs nearby allied gods. Every time this ability is activated the aura switches between Valor and Benevolence.

    Valor - Bonus Power

    Benevolence - Bonus Movement Speed

    Heavenly Reflection

    Amaterasu charges her mirror for 5 seconds. While the mirror is charging she takes decreased damage. By activating the ability again or at the end of 5 seconds she will fire her mirror straight ahead, dealing damage. The mirror can be charged by successfully attacking enemies or from taking damage, and will deal up to double the base damage when fully charged.

    Glorious Charge

    Amaterasu shines light off of her sacred blade, silencing all enemies in front of her. She then dashes forward while dealing damage, piercing through minions or stopping at the first god hit.

    Dazzling Offensive

    Amaterasu focuses the power of the heavens into an impressive 3 strike combination attack. The 2nd hit will do 20% more base damage and slow enemies. The 3rd hit will do 40% more base damage and stun enemies. She must hit an enemy target with each hit to progress the combo.


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