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Taliyah The Stoneweaver

  • League of Legends

  • Ranged Mage Roamer
  • Earth
  • Crowd Control Zone Dash Mine Field Slow Zone Terrain Resource Wall Speed Zone Territory Throw Wall Ride Unload Ability Combo Knockback Slow Speed Boost Terrain Enhancement Traps

  • Abilities

    Rock Surfing

    Taliyah gains up to bonus movement speed by moving near terrain or structures, which builds up over 1 second and decays over 1 second upon moving out of range.

    Entering combat disables Rock Surfing and places it on a 5 second cooldown. This cooldown is continuously refreshed while Taliyah remains in combat.

    Threaded Volley

    Taliyah throws a volley of missiles in a target direction, moving freely as she does. This works the ground below her. If Taliyah casts Threaded Volley on worked ground, she only throws one missile.

    Seismic Shove

    Taliyah causes an area of ground to erupt and throws enemies within in a direction of her choosing.

    Unraveled Earth

    Taliyah creates a slowing minefield that explodes if enemies dash through it or are pushed/pulled through it.

    Weaver's Wall

    Stone Weaver creates a very long wall and then surfs it.

    Cast once to create a wall. Recast immediately to ride ahead of the wall. Moving or receiving damage will cause Taliyah to stop.Weaver's Wall lasts for 6/7/8 seconds. Deactivate this spell to break the wall early.



    "This world is a tapestry of our own making." - Taliyah

    Taliyah is a nomadic mage from Shurima who weaves stone with energetic enthusiasm and raw determination. Torn between teenage wonder and adult responsibility, she has crossed nearly all of Valoran on a journey to learn the true nature of her growing powers. Compelled by rumors of the rise of a long-dead emperor, she returns to protect her tribe from dangers uncovered by Shurima's shifting sands. Some have mistaken her tender heart for weakness and paid the price for their error, for beneath Taliyah's youthful demeanor is a will strong enough to move mountains, and a spirit fierce enough to make the earth tremble.

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