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Mirana Princess of the Moon

  • Dota 2

  • Ranged Enchanter Marksman Support
  • Beastrider Bow The Moon Celestial
  • Long Range Targeted Crowd Control Area Attack Speed Buff Area Speed Boost Global Buff Stealthed Dash/Leap Javelin Stun Attack Speed Buff Speed Boost Lane Support

  • Abilities


    Calls down a wave of meteors to damage nearby enemy units. The closest enemy unit to Mirana in a 425 radius will be struck a second time for 75% of the damage.

    Sacred Arrow

    Fires a long-range arrow with deadly precision, which stuns and damages the first enemy unit it strikes. The stun duration ranges from 0.01 to 5 seconds, with bonus damage up to 140 added, based on the distance the arrow travels to its target. Instantly kills the first non-ancient creep it hits.


    Mirana leaps forward into battle, empowering allied units with a ferocious roar that grants bonus attack and movement speed. Speed bonus lasts 10 seconds.

    Moonlight Shadow

    Turns Mirana and all allied heroes invisible. If a hero is revealed, invisibility will restore after the fade delay as long as Moonlight Shadow's duration has not expired.



    Born to a royal family, a blood princess next in line for the Solar Throne, Mirana willingly surrendered any claim to mundane land or titles when she dedicated herself completely to the service of Selemene, Goddess of the Moon. Known ever since as Princess of the Moon, Mirana prowls the sacred Nightsilver Woods searching for any who would dare poach the sacred luminous lotus from the silvery pools of the Goddess's preserve. Riding on her enormous feline familiar, she is poised, proud and fearless, attuned to the phases of the moon and the wheeling of the greater constellations. Her bow, tipped with sharp shards of lunar ore, draws on the moon's power to charge its arrows of light.

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