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Nami the Tidecaller

  • League of Legends

  • Ranged Disabler Enchanter Mage Support
  • Fish Magic Staff Water
  • Bounce Healing Enemy/Ally Bounce Projectile Knockup Wave Long Range Wide Area Attack Speed Boost Wave Targeted Bonus Damage Targeted Speed Boost Area Speed Boost On-Hit Slow On-Hit Assistance Area Stun Enemy/Ally Cast Healing Bonus Damage Bounce Knockup Lane Support On-Hit Crowd Control Slow Speed Boost Stun

  • Abilities

    Surging Tides

    When Nami's abilities hit allied champions they gain Movement Speed for a short duration.

    Aqua Prison

    Sends a bubble towards a targeted area, dealing damage and stunning all enemies on impact.

    Ebb and Flow

    Unleashes a stream of water that bounces back and forth between allies and enemies, healing allies and damaging enemies.

    Tidecaller's Blessing

    Empowers an allied champion for a short duration. The ally's basic attacks deal bonus magic damage and slow the target.

    Tidal Wave

    Summons a massive Tidal Wave that knocks up, slows, and damages enemies. Allies hit gain double the effect of Surging Tides.



    Nami channels the primal energies of the ocean, harnessing its mystical restorative properties and commanding the raw power of the tides themselves. Though many doubted her, Nami had the bravery and determination to take on a dangerous quest when no one else would. Now her people believe she is the Tidecaller, a chosen one destined to complete a quest essential to the survival of her entire race.

    The Tidecaller's sacred duty is to acquire a moonstone, a powerful object found only in the towering reaches of the surface world. Her people, the Marai, rely on the moonstone's light to ward off the terrors of the depths. However, the stone's power lasts only one hundred years. Before its light fades, the Tidecaller must journey into the Great Deep, retrieve an abyssal pearl, and carry it to the surface. There, on the night of the winter solstice of the hundredth year, the Tidecaller makes a ceremonial exchange with a landwalker bearing a moonstone. By trading the pearl for the moonstone, the Tidecaller ensures the survival of the Marai for another century.

    However, in Nami's time, as the hundred years drew to a close, no Tidecaller had been found. Without a chosen one to complete the quest, her people would face disaster, but the Marai waited in faith that the Tidecaller would appear. Nami refused to sit idle, insisting that without a Tidecaller to save them, someone had to act. Bravely, she decided to begin the quest herself and ventured alone into the dangerous depths. None expected her to survive, but after six days of battles with untold horrors, Nami returned with the pearl in hand. The Marai hailed her as the new Tidecaller. All that remained was for Nami to journey to the surface and complete the exchange.

    When Nami arrived at the surface, however, she found only an empty shore. She waited for days in a mystic cove, unsure of what to do. In all the legends of the Tidecallers, the bearer of the moonstone had never failed to arrive. Nami faced a choice. She knew the surface world only through tale and rumor, but the survival of the Marai depended upon her. Summoning the tide to bear her ashore, Nami began her search for the moonstone and became the first of her kind to explore the world above the ocean. She left her home behind, and vowed not to return until she had completed the Tidecaller's quest.

    ''I am the tide, and I cannot be turned.''
    -- Nami

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