Kindred The Eternal Hunters
''Tell me again, little Lamb, which things are ours to take?''
''All things, Dear Wolf.''
Separate, but never parted, Kindred represents the twin essences of death. Lamb's arrow offers a swift release for those who accept their fate. Wolf hunts down those who run from their end, delivering violent finality within his crushing jaws. Though interpretations of Kindred's nature vary across Runeterra, every mortal must choose the true face of their death.
Mark of the Kindred
Kindred can mark targets to Hunt. Successfully completing a Hunt permanently empowers Kindred's basic attacks.
Dance of Arrows
Kindred tumbles and shoots up to three arrows at nearby targets.
Wolf's Frenzy
Wolf enrages and attacks enemies around him.
Mounting Dread
Lamb fires a carefully placed shot, slowing the target. If Lamb attacks the target two more times, her third attack instead directs Wolf to pounce on the enemy, savaging them for massive damage.
Lamb's Respite
Lamb grants all living things inside a zone a respite from death. Until the effect ends, nothing can die. At the end, units are healed.
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