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Azir the Emperor of the Sands

  • League of Legends

  • Ranged Initiator Mage Pusher Specialist
  • Sand Bird Magic Staff
  • Command Attack Turret Ressurection Deployable Dash Knockback Zone Melee Deployable Passive Attack Speed Buff Travel to Deployable/Projectile Dash/Leap Wall Charges Crowd Control Zone Deployables Fortify Knockback On-Hit Pierce Range Modifier Slow

  • Abilities

    Shurima's Legacy

    Azir can summon the Disc of the Sun from the ruins of allied or enemy turrets.

    Conquering Sands

    Azir sends all Sand Soldiers towards a location. Sand Soldiers deal magic damage to enemies they pass through and apply a slow for 1 second.


    Azir summons a Sand Soldier to attack nearby targets for him, replacing his basic attack against targets within the soldier's range. Their attacks deal magic damage to enemies in a line. Arise! also passively grants attack speed to Azir and his Sand Soldiers.

    Shifting Sands

    Azir dashes to one of his Sand Soldiers, damaging enemies. If he hits an enemy champion, he gains a shield.

    Emperor's Divide

    Azir summons a wall of soldiers which charge forward, knocking back and damaging enemies.



    Once a mortal man blinded by his own hubris, Azir has recently returned as an Ascended being with unmatched dominion over the burning sands. He seeks to restore Shurima to its former glory, but some dispute his right to rule them. Azir's power, however, is undeniable.

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