Dazzle Shadow Priest
  • Dota 2
  • Last Modified: 3/5/2018 11:00:57 AM

  • Complexity: 3.0

  • Uniqueness: 67%

Each young acolyte to the Dezun order must complete a series of rites before becoming a shadow priest. The final rite, the rite of shades, is a harrowing spiritual journey through the Nothl Realm, an unpredictable domain from which not all visitants return. Of those who do, some return mad. Others return with strange aptitudes. But all who go there are changed by their experiences. Driven by the need for enlightenment, Dazzle was the youngest of his tribe ever to request the sacred ritual. At first the order refused him, saying he was too young. But Dazzle was not to be dissuaded. Sensing something special in the headstrong young acolyte, the elders relented. Dazzle drank down the sacred potion and sat by the fire while the rest of his tribe danced through the night. In this ethereal dimension of the Nothl Realm, the properties of light and dark are inverted. Thus his brilliant healing light, beautiful to our eye, is actually a sinister kind of evil; and the darkest deeds are done in a dazzling glow. The elders' intuition was prophetic: Dazzle returned to his people as a Shadow Priest like none seen before, with the power to heal as well as to destroy. Now he uses his gift to cut down his enemies and mend his friends.
Poison Touch
Casts a poisonous spell on an enemy unit, gradually slowing movement, and causing damage over time. LEVEL 1 - Slows the target by 33% for 3 seconds. LEVEL 2 - Slows the target by 33% for 2 seconds, then by 66% for 1 second. LEVEL 3 - Slows the target by 33%, 66%, and 100%, for 1 second each. LEVEL 4 - Slows the target by 33% for 1 second, then 66% for 1 second, then stuns for 1 second.
Shallow Grave
An ally blessed with Shallow Grave, no matter how close to death, cannot die while under its protection.
Shadow Wave
Sends out a bolt of power that arcs between allies, healing them while damaging any units standing nearby. Dazzle is always healed by Shadow Wave.
Applies a buff that increases the armor of allied heroes while decreasing the armor of enemy heroes in the target area over time. Upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter.
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